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Next week, we’ll take a spicy new look at a beloved opera, investigate an unsolved murder of the Civil Rights Movement, follow an underwater migration and much more. Take a look at what’s coming up!

In this version of Bizet’s beloved classic, the rough and tumble environment of The Threepenny Tavern presents a nightly variety show with Carmen (Megan Marino) and flamenco dancers. Don Jose (Richard Trey Smagur) falls hard for the sultry chanteuse and tragedy follows to the music we all know and love. 

In an era of mass shootings, lockdown drills and teacher firearms training are as much a part of life in American schools as homecoming dances and basketball practice. Take a provocative look at what Americans will do to feel safe in schools.

Discover how three African-American ambassadors broke racial barriers to reach high-ranking positions at the State Department during the Cold War.

An unsolved 1960s murder reveals an untold story of the civil rights movement and Black resistance. With Retro Report, the film draws on rarely seen footage filmed more than 50 years ago in Natchez, MS and follows one family's search for justice.
The story of South Africa’s annual sardine migration is brought vividly to life on camera. Each summer, the sardine run sees billions of sardines spawning and traveling up the coast, providing a feast for an array of marine predators.
Sir David Attenborough explores a unique site in southern England with rare traces of Ice Age mammoths and Neanderthals. How did humans survive the frigid climate and did they have the tools and talent to hunt the giant beasts?

As the worst of the omicron surge fades around the country, health officials worry more Americans may end up with long COVID. The condition affects roughly one-third of COVID-19 survivors. On this week's Georgia Today podcast, we hear from a Georgia mother of two who is living with long COVID.

Much has been written about Sean McVay's meteoric rise through the NFL coaching ranks as the LA Rams make their second Super Bowl appearance under his guidance. But signs of his game smarts and leadership abilities can be traced all the way back to his days as a high school quarterback and defensive back for the Marist War Eagles where he led the team to a state championship and was named the top high school player in Georgia in 2003. Host Jon Nelson digs into the GPB archives for some of his top plays and talks with McVay's legendary Marist coach Alan Chadwick.

Valentine’s Day is more than a time to pass out candy and cards. It’s a day that inspires engineering, a walk into ancient history, and mathematical techniques. GPB Education has gathered some resources to help your students fall in love with all things Valentine's Day

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Enjoy these shows among many others:

Finding Your Roots
Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. explores the ancestry of influential people from diverse backgrounds, taking us deep into the past to reveal surprising connections.

Romola Garai stars as a matchmaker Emma Woodhouse in this adaptation of Jane Austen's comic novel just added to GPB Passport. 

American Masters | Ailey
Discover the legendary choreographer Alvin Ailey with previously unheard interviews and an intimate glimpse into the Ailey studios today.

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