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Next week, we’ll take a look at some colorful Roadshow finds, explore the aftermath of a tragedy that fueled a movement and follow some cute animal babies as they learn about their rugged home. Take a look at what’s coming up!
Feast your eyes on a rainbow of Roadshow’s most colorful treasures including a 1967 Alexander Calder "Concentric" painting, a blue opaline snake paperweight made around 1850 and a Robert Ridgway "Color Standards” book. One is now valued at $100,000!
Ferguson Rises explores the depths of the aftermath and protests following Michael Brown Jr.’s killing through a wide range of community members: from Black and white residents to police officers, to business owners and those who chose to say "enough is enough" by taking to the streets for a record 400 days straight.
A huge leak reveals hidden assets and deals of the wealthy and powerful. Who uses secret offshore bank accounts and why? FRONTLINE examines the global entanglement of political power and secretive finance.
Journey deep into the wild heart of the Rocky Mountains and experience this rugged land through the eyes of its iconic wildlife. Follow the drama as newborns make their way in one of the world’s most challenging and spectacular habitats.
The Atlanta mayoral election is headed to a runoff. Whoever ultimately takes the top job will face a sharp increase in crime in the city that's accelerated during the pandemic. On the latest Georgia Today podcast, we hear about the impact of the crime wave on communities across Atlanta and what's driving it, with a Georgia criminologist who himself became a shooting victim. Listen here.

On this week's Football Fridays in Georgia podcast, GPB Sports' Hannah Goodin and Jon Nelson run through last week's games and the playoff implications. Jackson County's Rich McWhorter also stops by to reflect on the significance of his 300th win. Listen here.

It’s been one year since the 2020 election in Georgia, but some voters can’t seem to turn the page.

In this season of Battleground: Ballot Box,  we’ll take a look at some of the biggest developments in Georgia politics since the dual Senate runoffs in January, as our state continues to be at the center of the political universe for fights over who we vote for and how those votes are counted.

This week, GPB's Stephen Fowler talks Senate Bill 202, Georgia election laws and trusting the principles of democracy. Listen here.

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Grantchester | Season 6 Episode 6
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French detective Julien Baptiste delves into Budapest’s corrupt underworld to find a British Ambassador’s family who go missing on a skiing holiday.

McLeod’s Daughters
Two sisters are reunited when they jointly inherit the cash-strapped family ranch following their father’s death. 

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American democracy requires an informed citizenry. Can it survive without the backbone of independent local journalism? In Storm Lake, Pulitzer-winning editor Art Cullen and his family dedicate themselves to keeping the paper alive - come hell or pandemic.

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